I once met a girl at a bar I know
She drank herself to sleep in her dinner coat
It was a quarter past noon
She whispered me a welcome from her lips and lungs
But really she was speaking from the wine she drunk
Yeah she said, “It’s nice to meet you,
You treat me so, you gentleman
Would you take me home and back to bed,
Or is it only that I’m dreaming?”

I took ten steps and then she yelled at me,
“I have for you a letter won’t you come to me?”
She signed it Deirdre:
“I’m sorry for your time and this is out of line,
But I wear it on my sleeve and if you wouldn’t mind,
I won’t leave with out you,
So let me take you home to the west coast
Let me take you home, you can see my room
Or are you not the type for leaving?”

Yeah, come around fall you know I made it east
My friends they had all settled down so pleasantly
But I was swimming
Life was pretty rad in that New York sun
But I bought myself a car, it was a decent one
And drove to Austin
To find my love had up and gone
To find my love with another one
Or is it only that I’m dreaming?