When you’re drunk you love sending me photos of you with nothing on but your shoes
When i sleep late always have some kind of dreams of you
I will not mention what we do

When i wake up it’s almost supper
And you come back to haunt me, don’t you?

You shaved your head just two days before I met you with your best friend in your room
I thought you were by far the prettiest girl in the room with no hair hiding none of you

When it grows back you’ll find another
And you’ll go back to Philly, won’t you?

On your wall you hung that sock I left in your room
Was it Hanes or Fruit Of The Loom?
On your laptop saw that sticker I gave to you
With my band name written right through it

When it peels off you’ll want another
Then you’ll go back to Philly, won’t you?

You’ll go back, you’ll go back
You’ll go back and live in that apartment where you’ll learn to be alone
Picture that, picture that
Picture me drunk calling you on Friday nights
Begging you to meet me halfway love

I pray your mom ain’t lonely in that big old house in the suburbs
Do you reckon she misses her daughter?
Do you reckon she’d find another
If you don’t go back to Philly, lover?